A few tips for when you are looking for a moving company:

  • Seek advice and recommendations from family, friends or the Better Business Bureau before choosing a mover. This will help you ensure that your mover has experience and a proven track record.
  • Get all the essential information before signing any contract. This includes checking that the company is bonded, has proper equipment, will provide unpacking, storage and claims settlement if you need them, and will store your possessions in a safe and appropriate place. Know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Give the mover as much information as possible and get an estimate in writing. By doing this you ensure that the mover knows about any special items or obstacles that may affect the estimate. Be suspicious if the quoted price seems very low.
  • Purchase moving insurance. Your home insurance may cover all or part of the move; if not, replacement value coverage is your best bet. It may be more expensive but it will ensure you get adequate coverage. If the mover provides insurance, find out the limitations.

On moving day, remember to do the following:

  • Have everything ready to go; don't get caught running around doing last-minute packing.
  • Make sure the destination is ready; this may include reserving the elevator or a parking space if you are moving into a high-rise or a townhouse development.
  • Make an inventory and supervise the loading and unloading. If something goes wrong, file a claim quickly to ensure you can have the situation addressed promptly.
  • Take valuables with you; it's best not to chance them with the mover.

It is often best to consult with a variety of movers. Many differ on price and services offered, so consulting different companies will ensure you get the service that suits you at a price you can afford.

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